24/02 Meeting with Ward Citizen Forum Coordinator and women leaders of the community

Disclaimer: these are working notes taken during the field visit. They are provided here to give a sense of the conversation that took place in the field, and to put evidence in context. The notes have not been edited to be a final product. They might contain some inaccuracies and glitches. Information, findings will be further revised by checking reports, by crosschecking  additional evidence and in additional exchanges with key evaluation stakeholders

We had a short meeting with some women in leadership position. The focus was to check the relevance of women-related activities for them.

Did CARE do anything relevant for women in this program after the earthquake?  A woman started to talk  about what CARE did for them before the earthquake and other activities after the earthquake  (but didn’t mention anything directly related to women empowerment).

Another woman mentioned how CARE gave information about human trafficking and how CARE created women and children friendly spaces to give information about human trafficking. She also got information about the 16 days activism campaign and how they got consueling from these sessions. During these days they also  talked about gender issues, and about how to empower women to be more participative and change their lives. This other women referred to how traumatized and depressed they were after the earthquake, and after support from CARE and their partners and how grateful she was for the moral support they got.

Was the psychosocial support only directed to women? The special support was only given to women. 

We asked what practical examples they had of the impact of such activities.  One woman gave the example of a helpless woman in the ward and how through the separate training, and the money from the seeds she is not helpless anymore. [however this programme is not provided by care]

What about the rally? They all went to the rally. They were 800 people in the rally including 200 male. What was this rally about? Women said it was to mark the 16 days of activism and to make other women aware of GBV. Was there any link with the earthquake? After earthquake, there was no place for shelter, women were more vulnerable during that time in terms of safety. Ward 1 to Ward 9 participated. Thanks to the rally men also got aware about the vulnerabilities of women.

It was asked to the only man in the room what he thinks about this? He replied that due to rally, men got the idea that women are vulnerable and that men now felt that they need to support women.

Does Gender Based Violence happen in this village? It did not use to be reported before. Since the establishment of the center now they know where to report and who to report to. 45 cases were reported after the establishment of the center. Around 32 cases were reported and women stayed in the safe house for a different time (some 2 hours, some 5 days). What happens to the women who stay 5 days and then goes back home? Some cases have been successful, some women are coming back. Women who stay for several days and then come back need to be given some skills before going back home.  [CARE however had a role in the referral, but running the center was not part of the programme]


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